Ofsted Quotes

All these comments are from the September 2014 Ofsted report.

This provision is outstanding


leftqoute2Staff create a very welcoming, attractive and child friendly environment that

helps to support children’s safety and growing independence.


leftqoute2Staff provide an extremely sharp focus on helping children to acquire

communication and language skills. The provision for promoting children’s

personal, social and emotional development is excellent and children have broad

and varied opportunities to develop their physical skills.


leftqoute2Children freely choose from a wide variety of interesting and stimulating

play resources both indoors and outdoors. As a result, they are fascinated and

engaged in their play.


leftqoute2Staff form good relationships with children and this results in children

being secure and very confident.


leftqoute2Self-evaluation is fully embedded in practice; as a result the holiday club project

provides an excellent service to the local community.


leftqoute2The project, incorporating a holiday and after-school club, consistently

achieves very high standards across all aspects of its work.


leftqoute2The quality of teaching is consistently of a very high quality, inspirational

and worthy of sharing with other providers.


leftqoute2Staff make excellent links between the subjects of play and children’s

home lives, allowing them to gain confidence.


leftqoute2Using their expert knowledge and a clear understanding of how children learn,

they provide rich, varied and imaginative experiences for the children.


leftqoute2Children are relaxed, engage well with key staff and progress very well in

their learning.


leftqoute2Children are well motivated, very eager to join in.


leftqoute2The provision for developing children’s personal, social and emotional

skills is excellent.


leftqoute2Children regularly use the shared outside area, this includes slides, a climbing

rock, swings and a full size tennis court to help children’s large motor skills,

coordination and balance excellently.


leftqoute2The free flow play provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop

group games with their friends, playing football or spontaneous outside games

such as treasure hunting. As a result, children’s physical skills are developing



leftqoute2Children have limitless opportunities to develop their literacy.


leftqoute2Staff update a parents’ notice board regularly, including information about day trips,

new events and group activities. As a result, parents are well informed about

children’s learning.


leftqoute2Care practices are better than good because all staff are highly skilled and

sensitive in helping children of all ages form secure emotional attachments.


leftqoute2Staff provide a strong base for helping children in developing their

independence and ability to explore.


leftqoute2Health and safety is taken very seriously by staff and is central to everything

they do.


leftqoute2Children’s transitions are well supported by staff, helping them to feel relaxed

about these changes.


leftqoute2Leadership is inspirational.


leftqoute2Activities are exciting, inclusive and engaging.


leftqoute2Staff excellently maintain a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment.


leftqoute2Throughout the club, there is a strong feeling of positivity, and this is created

by the excellent communication staff have with individual children.


To view a copy of our Ofsted report please click here.