We as a family have been using Tarner Club since my daughter was in reception.  That’s seven years we have had the privilege of going to Tarner, not just for after school club but holidays too. Our gratitude is huge.

Gemma, Parent

leftqoute2Both really enjoyed coming back and neither wanted to leave. My children have always been warmly welcomed at the play scheme and enjoy your imaginative, child-centred, creative environment. The freedom to play outside and engage in such a variety of activities has been a really positive experience for both the kids.


Nicky, Parent

leftqoute2My daughter never minded going to Tarner, even preferred sometimes

to be there than to be home, especially for holidays. This certainly put my mind at

rest and enabled me to work with less stress and worry knowing she was happy.

Tarner was able to handle her in a fun atmosphere but had firm boundaries

and good role models. We thank you so much and miss it now.


Natalie, Parent

leftqoute2At After School Club my son (who has dyslexia) has formed several important

friendships. His self-esteem has been boosted due to the caring attention of the staff who have fostered a safe environment where he feels confident.

The staff at After School Club have been extremely supportive and have taken

the time to work with my son, to get to know him and to build his confidence.

This year I have seen a marked difference in my son; he is much more confident

and happy.